CQUniversity commits to sustainability through solar energy deal

Published:14 September 2020

CQUniversity has signed a deal that will see 50 percent of its energy coming from renewable solar sources such as solar.

CQUniversity has signed a deal that will see 50 percent of its energy for its Queensland campuses sourced from renewable solar, committing to a pathway for a reduction of about 9,000 tonnes of CO2-e offset annually.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nick Klomp said he was proud to embark on the deal, positioning CQUniversity as one of the first Australian universities to derive a significant amount of its energy from renewables.

“Fighting climate change is a responsibility and an obligation for CQUniversity,” Professor Klomp said.

“The tropical and sub-tropical regions we operate in – such as Rockhampton, Cairns, Mackay and Townsville – will be among the hardest hit by the adverse outcomes of climate change; we therefore must do everything we can to slow and reverse its effects.

“CQUniversity has committed to creating a culture of sustainability, in line with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and this deal is a step in the right direction to embrace affordable and clean energy.”

The solar energy agreement is with Columboola Solar Farm which is being built between Chinchilla and Miles.

“The solar farm will supply clean and affordable energy to most of CQU’s Queensland locations and this agreement will allow us to operate more sustainably, reducing the University’s adverse impact on the environment,” Professor Klomp said.

“I’m thrilled to be sourcing 50 percent of our energy from solar sources.”

CQUniversity has entered into the agreement with two other Queensland universities.

The renewable energy contract will take effect from 1, January 2021.