CQUniversity hosts inaugural virtual graduation ceremony

Published:21 September 2020

About 140 students from across Australia and around the world attended a virtual graduation ceremony hosted by CQUniversity.

CQUniversity has celebrated the academic achievements of about 140 students from across Australia and around the world at its inaugural virtual graduation ceremony.

CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor Nick Klomp said social distancing and travel restrictions had prevented the University celebrating this major student milestone in person with students, however the University had adopted an innovative all-digital virtual format that promised graduates an opportunity to still celebrate their achievements.

“Graduation is a significant milestone for students and we were committed to ensuring all graduates had the opportunity to experience the joy of a graduation ceremony with family and friends.

“Our virtual graduation was an opportunity to reflect on each student’s hard work and dedication and to be acknowledged by the University and their family and friends.”

The University aired its inaugural virtual graduation ceremony via the University’s YouTube Channel.

A copy of the program is here.