CQUni Creative Arts degree students make good use of 'Liminal Space'

Published:12 October 2020

CQUni Bachelor of Creative Arts students Elisah Habermann, Shelby Ward, and others are currently exhibiting their works at the Rockahmpton City Campus.

The talents of CQUniversity’s Bachelor of Creative Arts students are shining brightly at the Rockhampton City Campus with a unique exhibition.

Liminal Spaces is a representation of the creative efforts of second and third-year Bachelor of Creative Arts students and reflects the distillation of the students’ own ideas and use of media to develop unique and reliable creative practices.

The exhibition is named Liminal Spaces as it captures the idea of transitioning from one state to another – leaving something behind, but also on the verge of entering (or becoming) something new.

Some of the work in the exhibition explores themes which incorporate an awareness of society’s impact on the natural world or uncertainty about the future. Other works in this exhibition explore the diverse experiences of identity and family. Some incorporate whimsical percolations of poignant memories; others a playful awareness of the fantastical in creative enterprise.

Students Shelby Ward and Elisha Habermann are excited to collaborate with their peers on the exhibition.

“I was excited to see the variety of works they have developed,” Shelby said.

“This exhibition is an assessment task within one of the final units in the visual arts major. So, this exhibition provides an opportunity to reflect on some of the great learning experiences we have had as a group and as individuals developing our own creative practice.”

Elisha said: “It has been great collaborating as a group of individuals, working together as a team to develop an exhibition that succinctly presents the diversity of activities that we have been engaged with over the last couple of years. The process of putting this show together has actually been quite a pleasurable experience.”

Teacher Patrick Connor said it's great to see the culmination of artworks by the students.

“For two to three years I have worked closely with the students who have put this exhibition together - they are a great crew and we really have had a lot of fun learning together,” he said,

“It has been an enormous pleasure for me watching them develop their own creative practice. Each of them have become very competent artists."

He said CQUniversity offers a range of visual art courses and study experiences.

“The visual art pathway that CQUni offers here in Rockhampton will not be found at any other university in Australia. CQUni students may begin their training at certificate III level and potentially exit with a postgraduate qualification.”

Liminal Spaces is currently on display on the second floor of B-Block at the Rockhampton City Campus on Canning Street until 30 October.