Connellan Airways Trust Scholarship supports Philippa’s desire to nourish her community

Published:22 May 2020

CQUni WA student Philippa Rumble doesn't have to worry about the cost of travelling hundreds of kilometres to study thanks to a Connellan Airways Trust Scholarship.

Philippa Rumble’s ambition to bring the highest quality education to remote communities has been recognised by the CQUniCares Connellan Airways Trust Scholarship.

The scholarship not only recognises the additional challenges that students like Philippa experience studying from a rural location, it also recognises the impact that community leaders like Philippa play in building and nourishing local communities.

Philippa, who lives in Mullewa, WA and is studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) was recently awarded her second $5 000 scholarship from the Connellan Airways Trust having also been supported during 2019.

Philippa said she was committed to bringing quality education to remote communities because as a mother herself and a member of her local school board, she understands how hard it can be to find teachers who will invest, long term, in rural or remote schools.

Phillipa said she hopes to be a dynamic and effective teacher to country students. “I strive for excellence in all I do and being a teacher that makes a positive difference in students’ lives is no different.”

“As most people would know, studying can be a costly experience, with books, blocks of unpaid professional practice and a myriad of small costs that quickly add up,”

“However, as a rural student who travels 100 km each way to attend each tutorial or professional practice day, I have added travel costs to contend with.”

Phillipa said the travel was arduous personally. In 2018 alone she travelled 12,600 kilometres to attend tutorials and other classes, often at dusk, and often with kangaroos on the road.

“Receiving the CQUniCares Connellan Airways Trust scholarships has meant that I am able to attend my tutorials and professional practice,” she said.

These scholarships also provide Phillipa with the time and resources to continue to pursue her commitments to volunteering for various local not-for-profit groups and sporting clubs - organisations that would not be able to serve the community if students like Phillipa did not have the time or resources to give to them.

Philippa’s ambition to become a dynamic teacher focused on quality education for rural students and her commitment to supporting her local community, reflects the Connellan Airways Trust’s goal of supporting learning, development, and innovation for those living in Outback Australia.      

CQUniversity is proud to partner with The Connellan Airways Trust, providing students like Philippa the opportunity to develop, nourish and support rural and remote communities.

“While it may sound silly, the scholarships have provided more than simply financial support - it has inspired me to prove I am a worthy investment to the scholarship donors,” she said

“I feel that more than just the people I know, and love believe in me, and that is a powerful motivator. It’s important to add that the company’s organisations and people that provide CQUni Cares scholarships are changing students’ lives.”

The Connellan Airways Trust is a national not-for-profit organisation established by E.J. Connellan to assist people who reside in Outback Australia with financial support for any worthwhile project, particularly involving education, communication, transport and health services.

Since the Trust's formation in 1981, over $3.9 million has been provided to people in Outback Australia.