Brooke bounces back from COVID-19 job losses thanks to CQUni training

Published:18 August 2020

Brooke Pearse's CQUni training has helped her find employment in her home state of WA after COVID-19 saw her lose two jobs in the space of a few months.

While COVID-19 might have seen CQUni student Brooke Pearse lose two jobs in a few short months, the training she’s received helped her pick up a new job in her home state of Western Australia in no time at all.

“I actually lost two jobs when the pandemic first started - I was originally in the Northern Territory working in the front office at a remote resort. As soon as corona began, their international market dropped, which meant that their occupancy was down around 70 per cent instantly and I was no longer required,” Brooke said.

“I then moved to Coober Pedy, South Australia and took on another hospitality role, but it only lasted approximately one-and-a-half months, until the hours became so minimal that I couldn’t afford to stay.”

With no other options, Brooke returned home to WA, but on the way, she found work in Bunbury at Sanctuary Golf Resort.

“Being in WA, where there’s only one or two active cases at the moment, both of which are in hotel quarantine, and with the hard borders and rules that are in place, we are pretty safe at the moment,” she said.

“Things have been 100 per cent back to normal for around two months now. Tourism is not quite back to where it was, but at my place of employment, we rely on the corporate interstate market a fair bit.”

Before COVID-19 changed her working life, Brooke was working in Canada while she was studying her Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management with CQUni. She’s now studying a Diploma of Business Administration.

“I ended up opting not to stay in Canada, as I was missing out on a lot at home, but I don’t regret doing the study,” she said.

“I am still working in tourism now, and have chosen to do the Business Administration course firstly because I had spare time during lockdown, but also because I wanted a back office job in the tourism industry, and a lot of these involve a lot of business/administration skills.

“My training definitely got me a lot of call backs when I was applying for jobs – employers found it quite desirable.”

She said she hoped to undertake further study, particularly in sales and marketing, depending on her employment situation.

“Being able to study fully online has been amazing for me. It is hard at times with procrastination always trying to take hold, but it has made it so easy for me to be able to travel, live abroad, and still manage to get an education,” she said.

“CQUni offered a great learning system as well as support for me to be able to complete my studies, and it wasn’t as big of a chunk onto my FEE-HELP debt as what other online colleges were.”