From accountant in Nigeria to accounting for herself in Australia, Tolu on track with studies

Published:16 December 2019

Toluwalope Akinsheye pictured at the CQUniversity Brisbane graduation venue.

Eleven years after graduating from Accounting in Nigeria, Toluwalope Akinsheye has reached another milestone - achieving a Master of Human Resource Management  from CQUniversity Brisbane campus.

Having developed extensive experience in the accounting industry in Nigeria, the mother-of-three set her mind on broadening her study and cultural horizons, so she moved to Australia with her whole family.

"I realised accounting was not really my thing ... I'm more of a people person," says the graduate known by her shorter name of Tolu.

"I did work as a customer care representative for telecommunications in Nigeria but after a couple of years I knew I would need a higher degree.

"While at CQUniversity Brisbane working towards my Master of Human Resource Management, I had the opportunity to work with the Office of Social Innovation for a year, which was more useful than a shorter-term external internship of only three months. Working with Social Innovation was really an amazing experience."

Tolu intends to stay in Australia and believes strongly that 'knowledge is power'.

"I intend to go for my PhD because I want to give back as much as I have learnt," she says.

"I intend to gain industry experience in the HR field but I hope to start my PhD straight away.

"I worked in telecommunications as a customer care representative for so long and got distracted before getting my Masters degree. It took me 11 years to come back and do this, so I'd rather just go for my PhD as a priority for now."

Tolu said her HR studies and been invaluable in understanding organisational changes in Australia.

"The education system in Australia is totally different from what I'm used to back home and being exposed to that has been really amazing and absolutely worth it."

Tolu graduated at the CQUni Brisbane morning ceremony and then welcomed the chance to deliver the Response by the Graduates' Representative to the afternoon ceremony.