Providing care in someone’s darkest hours a driver for aspiring paramedic

Published:10 June 2019

John Villers Trust scholarship recipient Noah Goldsworthy

CQUniversity first year Bachelor of Paramedic Science student Noah Goldsworthy has a personal drive to help people in their darkest hours.

The Cairns-based student grew up around Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) workers, providing him with an ambition to strive for a similar career.

“I have always aspired to become a paramedic from a very young age,” Mr Goldsworthy said.

“The idea of being on the front line and providing the first definitive care to a patient in their darkest hours has always seemed appealing as a career to me,” he said.

“I also have family in the QAS and I have talked to many qualified and student paramedics who have encouraged me to pursue the career. In a way, I have grown up with the ambulance service playing a big part in my life and it seems fitting to become a paramedic.”

Mr Goldsworthy was recently awarded a John Villiers Trust Paramedical Student CQUniCares Scholarship valued at $30 000 which he said would provide him with much-needed financial assistance to complete his degree.

“This scholarship will go a long way in assisting me with my studies. It will help by paying off fees associated with the degree, purchasing textbooks, purchasing uniform requirements and any other costs associated with placements throughout the degree. In other words, it will cover most of the financial side of things.”

John Villiers Trust Chairman Mr Darvell Hutchinson AM said he hoped the scholarship would go a long way in assisting Mr Goldsworthy in his educational journey.

“The Trust wishes to assist the education and training of motivated and inspiring young people who want to contribute to the health and safety of Queenslanders,” Mr Hutchinson AM said.

“In the years ahead we look forward to hearing of the successes of scholars like Mr Goldsworthy.”

With one less stress on his shoulders while he completes his degree, Mr Goldsworthy now has his sights firmly set on a career with the QAS.

“It’s great to have such a world-class educational facility right on my doorstep in Cairns allowing me to receive the education needed to enter into my dream job as a paramedic with the QAS.”