Nursing student Daniel finds his calling in remote parts of Australia and the world

Published:10 September 2019

Bachelor of Nursing student Daniel Sos (top left and bottom left back row) is finding his calling in remote and regional areas like Cambodia, Nepal and the Indigenous community of Woorabinda.

Daniel Sos hopes that one day his all too brief work placement in rural and remote communities like Woorabinda will become a full-time career in Nursing.

The CQUni Bachelor of Nursing student has shared his passion for helping people and how it’s helped him broaden his horizons.

“I’ve always liked helping people – I know I am a small positive cog in someone’s life and I hope my positivity helps to move them forward,” he said.

Before he enrolled into CQUni’s Nursing degree, Daniel had almost 16 years’ experience in allied health.

“I’d been working in child safety, disability services and mental health services for many years and it was about six years ago that I realised I wanted to become a nurse and travel,” he said.

“I didn’t know if I wanted to study to become an enrolled nurse (through TAFE) or a registered nurse though – I never thought I’d even get into uni or even survive study at university.

Originally from Victoria, Daniel moved to Rockhampton to be closer to his grandchildren and it was during this trip that he met a nurse, who encouraged him to take the big step and study to become a registered nurse.

“I never thought I had the aptitude for it. I left school in Year 10 and ended up going back as a mature age student to complete Year 11 and 12. I had a Certificate III and IV through my other jobs. I knew CQUni had a good reputation in Nursing, so I went for it,” he said.

And Daniel feels good about taking the plunge. He’s discovered just how far a career in Nursing can take someone with overseas study placements in Nepal and Cambodia - and of course back home.

“I’d last been out to Woorabinda in the early 90’s as a pest controller and when the options for my nursing placements came up, I requested to go back out there,” he said.

“I really like rural and remote nursing – you’re not in a silo and there is a wide range of experiences,” he said.

“I grew up around Indigenous kids in the past when I was about 8 or 9 when my parents visited Arnhem Land for a time.

“I’ve also had work placements in aged care facilities and the Emerald and Rockhampton Hospitals in medical, surgical and mental health."

Daniel's engagement with Indigenous communities also extends to CQUniversity's Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) Program. He has been a volunteer mentor since 2016.

"Becoming a volunteer mentor was initially part of the degree, but then I kept going back to it because I really enjoy AIME's outlook - 'there's no shame in AIME - and it's purpose of trying to get Indigenous kids to see that going to university is possible," he said.

"I find it a really good experience."

He said he hopes to turn his passion for remote nursing into a full-time career.

“I hope to get full-time work in rural and remote Australia when I finish my degree – but I’d also like to become a volunteer overseas in some third-world countries.”

Daniel might just get that wish once he finishes his studies with CQUni later this year.

The AIME Program is proudly sponsored by the BHP Billiton.