No need for an SOS - this graduate medallist has the world at her feet

Published:11 December 2019

Associate Vice-Chancellor’s NSW Region Medal recipient Baran Shojaan.

Iranian student Baran Shojaan originally approached the prestigious International SOS company to arrange an internship following her Master of Human Resource Management studies at CQUniversity Sydney.

They instead offered her a paid operations coordinator role, based in Sydney, which started this month.

“They are a global company with 26 headquarters and 11 000 employees .... it is a great opportunity, she says.

"They are a medical security company providing services to expats all over the world."

Baran was proud to accept the Associate Vice-Chancellor’s NSW Region Medal at the CQUni Sydney ceremony this week.

Reflecting on her time as a student in Australia, she commented on the difference between travelling abroad and moving abroad.

“I had met foreigners and done plenty of travelling but living in a different place is totally different and it takes a lot to adjust,” she says.

“For me it was like that I can swim very well in a swimming pool and then I needed to swim in an ocean.

“You think you are confident to swim but the ocean is something different.”

Baran completed her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in English literature in Iran, enabling her to work as a translator and interpreter for the country’s massive iron ore mining industry.

She progressed into an HR role with the mining company and realised how dynamic the profession of human relations could be, influencing her decision to spread her wings overseas.