Music Theatre graduate helps bring to life a classic Filipino novel

Published: 27 February 2019

Sean Perez
CQUni Music Theatre graduate Sean Perez is looking forward to rehearsals for a new Australian musical called 'Noli Me Tangere'.

CQUni Music Theatre graduate Sean Perez was already excited about being cast in a new Australian musical based on the classic Filipino novel, Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) - then his family magnified the milestone.

Sean is a first-generation Aussie from a Filipino background so the role resonated with him.

It was not long before he found out that his relatives who grew up in The Philippines were even more excited as they had all studied the novel at school.

Noli Me Tangere – The Musical is a universal story which is also a key part of Filipino heritage, through beautiful music and impassioned performances. It’s a story of love – a man and woman’s love for each other, for their country, and for an idea of freedom.

Sean has the supporting lead role of Tasio and is looking forward to starting rehearsals next week.

The busy actor, singer, dancer, personal trainer, writer, producer and director is also planning development for the second series of his well-received Busy as Usual: The Web Series.

He has been on set for a co-star role in a new TV show and has reached the final casting rounds for a feature film project.

Meantime, Sean maintains his regular work as a talent agent for other performers seeking work in TV, films and musicals.

"Some of my clients are also graduates of CQUniversity's Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music," he says.

Sean says Busy as Usual; The Web Series has been a good calling card as it made it to the winners' list during last year's Web Series Festival, in the Budget Under $1000 category.

The fly-on-the-wall look at what goes on inside a talent agent's office was selected for last September's inaugural New Jersey Web Fest.. It's now reached early selection for Italy's Apulia Webfest for 2019.

"One day in the office, I had a quiet moment, which is rare, and came across a web series that was about an actor auditioning," Sean says.

"It was a simple set up with the actor as the star, a guest every episode, with a reader playing a casting director. I thought to myself, why couldn’t I write something as simple as this?” So I did. In 10 minutes, I had a full two-minute episode ready for review. Over the next two months and a few re-writes, I had the whole series written.

"I wanted to produce short and entertaining content that people could watch on mobile as they wait in line for the bus or in the shops - something short, sharp and funny that will keep someone entertained long enough while they’re on the go.

"I feel it’s also important to write Australian content to support the Australian entertainment industry. Writing Australian work and showing Aussie talent will allow the world to see what we can do, what we can produce and also show local producers that we can create world-class entertainment.

"I am very fortunate to have a wonderful network full of talented actors. Being a Talent Agent myself, I was able to turn to my clients who I believe fitted such roles perfectly and I know a number of actors from acting class that I was able to offer roles to or ask for self tapes."

Sean studied at CQUni's Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Mackay before graduating in 2011.