How a brain injury helped Luke make up his mind on career goals

Published:13 April 2019

Luke Attkins pictured at his recent graduation ceremony.

They say that some people just fall into their career paths. For Luke Attkins, that adage became literally true.

"At the age of 10, I fell quite a distance out of a tree into a pile of wood and suffered a brain stem injury, which caused tremors in my arm. I started losing feeling in my right arm at the age of 20," Luke said.

"I saw doctors, had treatment and testing and three nerve-block surgeries and even a week-long epidural with a ketamine pump.

"This helped to get some function into my thumb but the overall issue continued until I was 21."

Luke said that his mother had a phone conversation with a relative in the USA who was a chiropractor. He then spent three months in America, getting numerous adjustments.

"I'm still missing bits and pieces of feeling in my arm but my hand is fine. I still get tremors now and again but it gets worse without chiropractic treatment."

Luke says he can now manage his tremors and can settle them down by arranging chiropractic treatment whenever he feels the symptoms coming on.

He says that his chiropractic treatment and other medical treatment he had for a significant hamstring tear had strongly influenced his goal to pursue a career in health.

Based at CQUniversity Brisbane, he has completed both a Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) and Master of Clinical Chiropractic.

"I absolutely fell in love with chiropractic science. The CQUni lecturers and the course were awesome and our hands-on experience at the Indooroopilly student-led clinic was essential to our learning," Luke says.

"I have stuck with my studies and have been able to secure two jobs as a chiropractor - one at the Institute of Sports and Spines and one at Alexandra Hills Chiropractic."

Luke has other milestones on his mind too. He was married last year and he and his wife are now expecting their first child at the end of this year.