Linda embraces new role as Theatre Lecturer with CQCM

Published:10 July 2019

Dr Linda Lorenza has joined the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music as a Theatre Lecturer.

Dr Linda Lorenza has performed in operas in Australia and overseas, nurtured emerging artists for the Bell Shakespeare Company and Sydney Symphony Orchestra and even defined Australia's first national Arts Curriculum, but now she is bringing her passion for the arts as a lecturer for the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQCM).

After working in Sydney for decades, Linda is looking forward to bringing her expertise to Creative Arts students at the CQCM in Mackay.

“Having lived a short time in Townsville, my work at Bell Shakespeare inspired me to advocate for access to the arts and arts education in regional and remote communities,” she said.

“Working on the national arts curriculum enabled me to promote and secure the arts as vital for students and teachers in regional and remote, perhaps more so than for those in metropolitan cities of Australia.”

She said her role at CQUni was a timely step, which will enable her to contribute even more directly to arts education and training in regional Australia.

“The Bachelor of Theatre Degree is unique performing arts training for students in regional Queensland. In fact, there are very few tertiary courses of this nature in Australia. Most young people considering training in performing arts focus on NIDA in Sydney for acting, WAAPA in Perth for acting and musical theatre or VCAA in Melbourne for acting and opera. The Bachelor of Theatre at CQCM is a practical course that is mostly unknown to students outside of the state,” she said.

She said students could expect to be challenged and stretched beyond their comfort zones.

“To explore how voice, manner and physicality make a character, and to listen as much as they speak and act,” she said.

“The Safety Circus and Choices performances are great student devised works that demonstrate the importance of generational communication through the arts. They also highlight that young people in regional areas have the creativity, skills and awareness to develop performance works for others in their communities. This is as powerful as a visiting theatre troupe coming into a school. In fact, it can be more powerful, as the students in the audience will see more of themselves and their experiences in their older peers, that is the CQUni students, than they will in actors flying in from a major city.”

She said she planned to establish professional development workshops for drama teachers in the region.

“Coming back to regional Queensland I bring my intimate knowledge of the Australian arts curriculum, theatre industry experience and connections, and my passionate determination to ensure regional teachers and students have access to and experience of the arts,” she said.

“I think the distance learning capability of CQUni, along with the Conservatorium facilities, such as the fully functioning theatre, provide a superb platform for delivering interactive practical theatre and drama pedagogy to regional teachers."

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