Janus’ leadership prevails, announced as finalist in the Australia China Alumni Awards

Published:17 October 2019

CQUniversity Almunus Janus Bei Bei Huang has been announced as a finalist for the prestigious 11th annual Australia China Alumni Awards.

From Revenue Analyst to Cluster Director of Revenue Management for Marriott International, Janus Bei Bei Huang has forged an impressive career in the strategic planning sector.

The CQUniversity Almunus has been announced as a finalist for the prestigious 11th annual Australia China Alumni Awards, under the Australian Ambassador’s Award for Women in Leadership category.

This award is designed to celebrate and honour a woman, who not only inspires others but has also proven herself a leader in her field.

Ms Huang, who completed CQUniversity’s Master of Professional Accounting in 2009, said the news meant a lot to her, given she embarked on her career much later than those around her.

“I started my career at 29, which was a bit late compared to those around me, who started their careers at 22 or 23. So, over the past seven years, I tried so hard to catch up with my friends. Trying to stand at the same stage with them," she said.

“Being shortlisted for this award, I think, to some level, is a recognition of my effort. It means I am doing the right thing. I hope with this recognition, I will have certain positive influences on future leaders or juniors who are entering the workforce.”

Ms Huang said it was her parents who inspired her, not only in terms of her career but also her leadership style.“My father is a mathematics professor at the South China Normal University, Guangzhou, and my mum is a hotelier in the Chinese hospitality industry,” she said.

“I remember playing games with my father at home, such as Sudoku, Chinese chess, etc. I love these games and think I am quite sensitive to numbers. My mother showed me the hospitality world, which was dynamic and full of challenges.

“I don’t think I’m a leader who is very hands-on. Instead, I empower and trust my team members. I encourage them to think out of the box, be brave to speak out and be creative.

“I will be there to guide them in the right direction, but I wouldn't give them the exact answer. I believe, people learn from thinking and practicing. With the process of trial and error, they can grow faster anyone does.”

As the Cluster Director of Revenue Management for Marriott International (East China – Shanghai CBD), Ms Haung said she develops short-term and long-term strategic plans for six hotels in Shanghai Downtown.

“The most interesting aspects of my job include dealing with different people, personalities and perspectives, and presenting my number strategies in a way that sees hotels follow my selling strategy,” she said.

Ms Huang's other accolades include Asia Pacific 2015 Quarterly Award - Quarter 4 - Revenue Management Business Leadership and Asia Pacific 2014 Quarterly Award - Quarter 4 - Most Improved Index – Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe.

The Australia China Alumni Awards include the following eight categories: banking and finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, research and science, arts and creative industries, leadership, corporate achievement, Australia China Alumni of the Year Award, and Young Australia China Alumni of the Year Award.

The winners of the awards will be announced mid-November in Beijing.