Jade’s new single is making her stand out from the crowd

Published:04 July 2019

CQUniversity Bachelor of Creative Arts student Jade Schuck is turning heads with her new single The Windmill. She recently took out the Palm Creek Folk Festival’s General Songwriting Competition and performed live on the FNQ Originals Program, Cairns 89.1 FM.

When CQUniversity Bachelor of Creative Arts student Jade Schuck entered the Palm Creek Folk Festival’s General Songwriting Competition with her new single The Windmill, she never expected to win.

“I had never applied for a festival songwriting competition, let alone won so it was a great feeling and experience. I felt very proud and confident sharing the news with my family and friends,” Ms Schuck said.

“The song is about enjoying life – the good and the bad, and everything in between – and was inspired by my recent trip to Atherton Tablelands.

“It encourages listeners to enjoy the little things that may come their way; even the things that may seem annoying. For example, getting a rock caught in their shoe. It’s important to accept and enjoy the journey."

When she wasn’t busy soaking up the win, Ms Schuck was on the festival stage jamming out on the bass with Legends of Perhaps.

“The band is a melodic infusion of powerful lyrics about life experiences and many weird and wonderful instruments. Being part of the band has allowed me the opportunity to perform at a range of folk festivals throughout Queensland,” she said.

“We played at the Tablelands Folk Festival last year and are lined up to play there again this year, as well as the Wallaby Creek Festival in September.”

Ms Schuck was also recently given the opportunity to perform her single live on the FNQ Originals Program, Cairns 89.1 FM, and at the Art Attack Showcase in Cairns.

“I was slightly nervous before starting the interview on the FNQ Originals Program as it was my first time playing and speaking on the radio. I was unsure as to what I would sound like - musically - on the radio, however, I believe you should give everything a go and challenge yourself,” she said.

“The Art Attack Showcase, which was part of a greater series of events, was a fantastic opportunity. It brought together Cairns Voice Studio and CQUniversity students to provide an afternoon of entertainment for locals. I was fortunate enough to perform a few originals as well as contribute to the sound and production.

“I would like to personally thank my CQUniversity lecturers, who support every single student within the course and provide so many opportunities to advance our skills.”

Ms Schuck has come a long way since learning to play the guitar at just 14 years of age.

“My parents are a major contributor to supporting and inspiring me to follow my music. I grew up listening to my dad play guitar around the house, and I guess you could say that’s where it all started,” she said.

“I started getting into the guitar around the age of 14, which is about the time I started listening to and getting inspired by musicians such as Demi Lovato and John Mayer.

“Releasing music is one of my top priorities. I would love to release a single or two before the end of my university studies. When I do, I aim to provide it on all or as many platforms as possible so watch this space.”