A horse kick sends Lucie-Anne back to her roots

Published:03 June 2019

Lucie-Anne Kirk pictured on her family property (top) and on campus at CQUniversity (below).

Lucie-Anne Kirk had a very painful sliding door moment but it has at least set her mind straight about her study and career ambitions.

With a keen interest in the racing industry, the daughter of a Brahman breeding family found herself at a thoroughbred racing sale in April last year, when a freak accident with a racehorse completely changed what the future had in store.

Bleeding internally and with severe lacerations to her kidney, Lucie-Anne was flown to Brisbane by the Royal Flying Doctor Service, for immediate treatment.

“I had been studying Law in Brisbane but the accident caused me to re-assess the direction I was heading and, with that, I changed my study path to a Bachelor of Education at CQUniversity," she says.

"That decision has since enabled me to complete my studies from our family property and work alongside my parents within both our stud and commercial operations.

“Once I was aware of the severity of my injury, I realised that life was too short to be living 12 hours away from the place that gives me life, which is my family property.

"In hindsight, while the life-threatening accident was the worst thing that's ever happened to me, I feel I've made the best of a bad situation under the circumstances.

"With the flexible study at CQUniversity, I can spend the majority of my time on the property, where my passion for the agriculture industry can be utilised.”

Lucie-Anne’s next milestones include a classroom ‘practicum’ placement at Middlemount Community School, beginning in July, and a three-month study tour of the USA early next year.

The latter comes from her successful application for the Edgar Hudgin Memorial Scholarship, coordinated by the Australian Brahman Breeders’ Association.

Edgar Hudgins was a founding father of the American Brahman and played a vital role in introducing the Brahman breed to Australia in the 1930s.

“It will be great to go to the USA to see where our Australian Brahman breed was created and developed, while reviewing their animal husbandry and property management practices,” Lucie-Anne says.

As part of her scholarship journey, Lucie-Anne will gain experience in the activities conducted on the Brahman ranches of her host families, in Texas, and live in a normal family environment.