Getting the jump on sports sciences in Cairns

Published:13 November 2019

High school students attended the CQUni Sport Sciences MVP Student Program.

Cairns high school students chosen through an MVP-themed competition process have explored study and career options in the field of sports sciences, exercise and fitness.

The CQUni Sport Sciences MVP Student Program is held each year in conjunction with the CQUni Cairns Taipans to promote the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences and the CQUni TAFE Fitness courses.

Lecturer Dr Joshua Guy says the recent program included an Exercise and Sports Science workshop, hands-on sports lab demonstrations, and a chance to watch a CQUni Taipans training session.

“We enabled participants to explore injury prevention, recovery strategies, performance optimisation, strength and conditioning, and how to gain the competitive edge using methods such as wearable technology, player load management and testing protocols,” Dr Guy says.

“Students were able to tour the Sport Sciences Labs and demo some of the technology and equipment in the labs, including the metabolic cart which measures VO2max, a cycle ergometer to determine anaerobic power and electric timing gates which measure speed.

“Our MVPs also gained entry to corporate box seats for the CQUni Cairns Taipans versus Illawarra Hawks game on Saturday, 9 November.”