From English class to graduation award - that's worthy of praise in any language

Published:16 December 2019

Emmanuel Dusengumuremyi pictured at the recent CQUni Brisbane graduation (morning) ceremony.

In only a few short years, Emmanuel Dusengumuremyi has travelled from Rwanda to Australia, learnt English, excelled in a postgraduate Marketing degree and earned an Associate Vice-Chancellor's Medal for academic and engagement excellence.

Not only that, he also delivered the official response by the graduates' representative at a recent CQUniversity Brisbane graduation.

It sure helps setting goals.

"When I started my journey at CQUniversity Brisbane, I had two goals; to achieve outstanding academic performance, and to give back to the community, especially helping other students achieve their goals," Emmanuel says.

"I am so proud that I have been involved in a range of different events on campus, including independently coordinating the most successful multicultural festivals of 2018 and 2019.

"I can proudly say I have achieved both outstanding academic performance - through a Master of Marketing (Distinction) - and giving back to the University community.

"I would encourage CQUniversity students not to give up on their dreams. CQUniversity is one of the most successful multicultural universities in the world, which embraces diversity.

"We all come from different backgrounds with different ways of how we see things but, after all, we want to be what we want to be and CQUniversity plays a central role for us to be what we want to be. Also, we are given a chance to promote our talents and cultures."

Emmanuel completed a Bachelor of Finance in Rwanda before enrolling at CQUniversity. He also worked for Prime Insurance, giving him good experience at business processes.

When he first arrived in Australia, he enrolled with CQUEnglish to become confident enough to pursue postgraduate studies.

"I got involved in the campus life committee and took up an internship with the Buckner Group marketing services company, which was great to experience an Australian work environment.

"My next step is to continue growing my career. I have a finance background and marketing qualifications so I should be able to start my own business .. that's my current focus."

Emmanuel starred at his graduation as the Associate Vice-Chancellor's South-East Queensland Region Medallist and provided an inspirational address.

"Always remember, no matter who you are or where you come from, as long as you have a clear picture of where you want to go, you will surely get there," Emmanuel says.

"You have the capacity to be what you want to be. Work hard toward your goals and you will never ever walk alone at CQUniversity."