CQUniversity VC launches new Strategic Plan

Published:10 July 2019

CQUniversity’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Nick Klomp, has this week launched the University’s new strategic plan.

The new plan, which sets out the strategic direction for the University from 2019 – 2023, was developed over the past four months, and informed by ideas and feedback from university stakeholders across the world.

Professor Klomp explained that the high level of engagement from staff, students, alumni and partners was crucial in developing a meaningful and relevant plan for the next five years.

“It was really important to me that our internal and external stakeholders were involved in our strategic planning process.

“Two of CQUniversity’s core values are engagement and inclusiveness, so naturally we wanted to apply both when it came to the development of this plan – and that is why we entitled the plan ‘Our Future is You’.

“The quality of ideas and level of engagement were astounding. The responses we received show how much people care about this university and its role within the communities we serve.

“Through this engagement, we designed a plan made up of six foundational pillars: our students, our research, our people, our communities, our reputation and our sustainability.

“As the new VC of CQUniversity, I am now charged with the responsibility to make sure we achieve all the goals set out within this plan, not least our agenda to broaden our social innovation for the good of our communities,” said Professor Klomp.

He also said that the application of these pillars and their associated goals would position CQUniversity as a leader in the provision of seamless, full-spectrum education pathways, and engaged research.

“As educators and researchers in a contemporary university we are being tested by new threats and emerging opportunities, both challenging and exciting.

“It is crucial that all of us at CQUniversity use the next five years to build on our past achievements and apply innovation and courage to everything we do. 

“We must dare to be different and how we do this in the next few years will define who we are as a university for the next 50 years.

“This strategic plan is a road map to our future, providing direction, motivation and purpose, to support our vision of becoming Australia’s most accessible, supportive and engaged university.

“I am very much looking forward to working with all of our stakeholders to implement the plan and celebrate the achievements.”

CQUniversity’s new strategic plan is available at