CQUni’s Creative Arts degree paints numerous career pathways for visual artists

Published: 06 February 2019

Elisha Habermann
Elisha Habermann is enjoying the expanded aspects of the Visual Arts major of CQUniversity's Bachelor of Creative Arts.

Elisha Habermann and Shelby Ward were among the first students to undertake the Visual Arts major of CQUniversity’s Bachelor of Creative Arts degree last year, and already, it has opened their eyes to the pathways the industry has to offer.

The pair, who are both in their second year of the three-year degree, have encouraged any budding artists, either already undertaken visual arts studies, or new to the field, to consider broadening their horizons with the Bachelor of Creative Arts.

“I graduated last year with a Bachelor of Digital Media. I’d already completed the Diploma of Visual Arts at CQUniversity, but they didn’t have the Bachelor of Creative Arts then,” Elisha said.

The Bachelor of Creative Arts was introduced in 2016 as an exciting and innovative new course with majors in acting, contemporary dance, popular music or visual arts. The Visual Arts major only commenced being taught in 2018.

“The decision to do the degree was a natural continuation from the vocational courses,” Elisha said.

“It covers the basics, but it also has a lot of theory components which have been challenging, like modern art theory, enlightenment and avant garde.

“Theory is important if you want to move into an administrator role (i.e., a gallery curator or arts manager) but it’s also good to have that theoretical background because it informs your knowledge and influences your own artistic practice.”

Elisha said the practical aspects of the degree allowed her to try her hand at other art mediums, including printmaking and jewellery-making, but her ultimate aim is to become an art teacher.

“I will complete the art degree and then follow this up with a Master of Education,” she said.

“(My teacher) Patrick Connor is very proficient technically and the degree allows you to focus on your own project. Painting and drawing is my thing, so I get to explore that.”

Elisha won the Student Prize in the 2016 CQU Creates art competition with a portrait of her daughter entitled 'The swallow’s nest'.

Shelby Ward said the degree had allowed her to learn much more than the other vocational courses.

“I chose to undertake this degree because I was interested in furthering my education in Visual Art, as well as learning more about the collective arts industries,” Shelby said.

“The course is going very well, as it has allowed me wider knowledge about the arts, as well as learning about new art forms and individualising my own art practice.

“The flexibility of the course has also allowed me to develop skills in jewellery-making, an opportunity which I would not have had in other courses.”

For more information about the degree visit,-Performing-and-Visual-Arts/undergraduate/bachelor-of-creative-arts