CQUni powers forward with new clean energy academy

Published: 01 January 2019

drawings of renewable power pole, wind turbine and solar panels

CQUniversity has established a Clean Energy Academy to build on its research strengths in renewable and eco-friendly sources of energy, power generation, smart grids and distributed intelligent systems, and environmental and applied economics issues.

The Academy aims to strategically integrate the capabilities of many top researchers to achieve even greater national and international attention.

This will be the University’s second Research Higher Degree (RHD) academy, joining the existing CARTA Academy (in Creative Arts) as key initiatives to support growth in research higher degree enrolments.

The Clean Energy RHD Academy coordinator, Associate Professor Mohammad Rasul says the aim is to grow multidisciplinary research collaborations across the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering, energy, environment and economics.

“Our Academy will be hosted by the School of Engineering and Technology and operate across multiple campuses, particularly Rockhampton, Perth and Melbourne,” Associate Professor Rasul says.

“We will focus on leveraging and extending the strong connections that our clean energy researchers have with the process, energy and resource industries.

“Key activities will include research training events, presentations by invited guest speakers and supervisor professional development.”

Associate Professor Rasul says the Academy will strive for national and international recognition in strategic, applied and contemporary research in the broad area of clean energy.

“Energy is the driving force underpinning each nation’s economic prosperity,” he says.

“The common challenges relate to finding solutions for reducing carbon emissions while supplying reliable and cost-effective clean energy sources.

“Thanks to this new Academy, CQUniversity will have greater visibility and focus in the area of clean energy, including improvements to power generation from fossil fuels, dispatchable renewable sources, alternative fuels and sustainable development. “Our innovative and outstanding achievements in clean energy research have already made a significant contribution to the reputation and research profile of CQUniversity, and serve to inspire and encourage early career academics/researchers and RHD students.”