CQUni graduates become Central Queensland’s newest legal professionals

Published:17 June 2019

CQUniversity Law Lecturer Anna Farmer (top-left), Special Adviser (Law) Wayne Jones, Bachelor of Laws graduates Casparus Schoeman, Justin French, and Adam Bressington (bottom-left), CQUniversity Professor Lee Di Milia, and Bachelor of Laws graduates Kimberly West and Alana Murray.

Five CQUniversity Bachelor of Laws graduates were recently admitted as lawyers of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Justin French, Kimberly West, Adam Bressington, Casparus Schoeman and Alana Murray were joined by family and friends at the Rockhampton Supreme Court event.

Each admitted graduate can now either apply for a practising certificate through the Queensland Law Society to work as a solicitor or undertake further study through the Bar Association of Queensland to practice as a Barrister.

Dean School of Business and Law, CQUniversity Professor Lee Di Milia said he was very proud to witness such an event and described it as the beginning of a truly rewarding legal career.

“These young men and women are the epitome of what you can achieve when you are driven, motivated and determined to succeed,” he said.

Professor Di Milia said Central Queensland's newest legal professionals would practice locally.

“We have honoured our promise that if CQUniversity offered a Bachelor of Laws degree here locally in Rockhampton that our qualified practitioners would stay local,” he said.

“This is something we have always committed to. The course not only gives students the opportunity to study law but also provides local law practices with some good, decent, solid practitioners.

“CQUniversity law graduates also tend to gain employment straight away, too; they’re in demand.

“The Director of Public Prosecutions' office often comes to CQUniversity when it’s looking for local practitioners. We've also had the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources contact us twice seeking graduates, and it has since experienced success with the two we recommended.”

Admitted lawyer, CQUniversity Bachelor of Laws graduate and Legal Assistant Justin French said this moment was something he had worked so hard to achieve.

“I’m just so excited, really. Five and half years of hard work has culminated with this moment of admission,” he said.

Mr French said he had always been interested in justice, but it was the legal myths spread across social media that inspired him to peruse a Bachelor of Laws with CQUniversity.

“I have volunteered and worked at the Central Queensland Community Legal Centre for almost four years, and during that time, I witnessed first-hand how the legal myths, spread through social media, were influencing people to make unlawful decisions,” he said.

“I wanted to help educate people, in my role as a lawyer, on the rights and responsibilities.”

In January 2019, Mr French commenced a cadetship with CQUniversity, working as a Legal Assistant to the University’s Special Adviser (Law) Wayne Jones.

Mr French said the position had given him the opportunity to understand a different side of the law.

“Coming from a community law background, I have really only interacted with individuals’ legal needs,” he said.

“As a Legal Assistant, I am required to conduct research on the wide range of legal framework that the University works with on a daily basis, as well as draft and review legal documents, correspond with CQUniversity employee on legal issues, and deliver organisational legal education for the University.

“I have learned more about the law from a business and public policy perspective since starting in this position, and I hope to continue to develop these skills.”

Mr French said that once he received his practising certificate, he would be able to start providing advice on the law and work as a solicitor.

“Personally, it means that I can start the next stage of my career. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next!”