Cameron puts the tools down for a career in digital media

Published:11 December 2019

Cameron McAdam in front of a monitor

CQUni Bachelor of Digital Media graduand, Cameron McAdam recently landed work with a Mackay-based company as a full-time Junior Web Developer.

After spending the first 10 years of his working life as a trade’s assistant and industrial sales representative, Cameron McAdam decided to put the tools down and follow his passion for digital media.

The CQUni Bachelor of Digital Media graduate recently landed work with a Mackay-based company as a full-time Junior Web Developer, alongside his former classmate, Sidonie Cromb.

“Toward the end of my final term, CQUni Head of Course (Digital Media), Associate Professor Dr Steven Pace put out an email about a part-time junior web developer job opportunity. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, so I threw my hat in the ring,” Cameron says.

“A short time later I was called in for a job interview and was offered the job. Before I knew it, the part-time offer had turned into a full-time offer, and I was due to begin the week after my final term ended.

“As part of the role, I am required to build and maintain professional websites for companies and individuals, from across Australia, alongside a team of passionate designers.

“I find myself using what I learned throughout my degree in so many ways. During my first two weeks on the job, I utilised my video editing, graphic design, WordPress and coding skills to build web pages.”

Cameron believes his university experience would not have been the same without completing CQUni’s Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) course.

“STEPS was without a doubt, the best thing I ever did. I was a very average student during High School and didn't think I had what it took to complete a University degree," he says.

“Ten years later, a friend mentioned STEPS to me, and I thought it would be a great way to build confidence in myself and see if I had what it takes to start a degree.

“Not only did it improve my self-confidence, but it prepared me in so many different ways for what was ahead.

“Now, with time permitting, I hope to start and finish a masters degree, before embarking on my PhD journey – who would have thought?”

The avid comic collector says his most memorable university moment was winning an Academic Bursary through Mackay Regional Council.

“As part of the bursary, I was given the opportunity to spend three months working full-time for a local production company, filming and editing television advertisements, alongside a passionate team of professionals,” Cameron says.

“I'm also grateful for all the staff and students I met while at CQUni. There are a lot of truly talented people among them, and the staff are all so passionate about what they do.”

Cameron is due to graduate with a Bachelor of Digital Media in early 2020.