Banishing business travel jet-lag could be worth billions in productivity

Published:06 August 2019

CQUniversity honours researcher Ashlee Walters says four out of five international business travelers could be affected by jet-lag.

Billions of dollars are spent on business travel each year so finding ways to banish jet-lag could be a major economic and productivity boon.

That’s according to CQUniversity honours researcher Ashlee Walters, from the Moreton Bay region, who says prior studies indicate up to four out of five international business travellers could be affected by jet-lag.

“Jet-lag is caused by disruption to the human body clock and has implications on the health and performance of travellers,” she says.

“Imagine all the wasted time and effort when business travellers arrive at their destination and are not operating at their full capacity in vital meetings where they are making strategic decisions potentially worth millions of dollars or affecting thousands of people.”

Ms Walters and her CQUni research supervisors Dr Gabrielle Rigney and Dr Grace Vincent are partnering with Sleepfit and the University of Sydney to survey business travelers.

They are conducting a brief online questionnaire to understand differences in how business travellers manage jet-lag, the jet-lag awareness of business travellers, and the impact jet-lag strategies have on performance.

Respondents will be asked a range of questions about their experience with business travel, their understanding of jet-lag, and the strategies used to help manage jet-lag before, during, and after travel.

The survey is available for responses from business travellers via: .