Bachelor of Creative Arts students explore their inner artist with exhibition

Published:11 November 2019

Bachelor of Creative Arts students Elisha Habermann (seated), Christine Haigh and Teacher Patrick Connor.

Celebrations of love and examinations of identity were just some of the themes of a recent art exhibition of Bachelor of Creative Arts students at CQUniversity’s Rockhampton City Campus.

The exhibition, which the students undertake as part of their course in order to show how they take a project from concept to completion, showcased a diverse range of artworks, including paintings and sculpture.

Two of the contributing students, Elisha Habermann and Christine Haigh, pushed their art to the limit for the exhibition project and, in turn, discovered much about themselves.

Christine’s works, which depict couples in loving embraces, were created using a mix of spray paint and stencils, akin to the works of British artist, Banksy.

“I wanted to celebrate the passion in life and in love and create a strong sense of acceptance, especially in LGBTQI,” she said.

Christine’s art has previously been exhibited as part of the CQU Creates art competition and she said she felt confident in the development of her style.

“It was challenging but I still hope to experiment with it some more,” she said.

Fellow student Elisha said her works continued the theme of emergence that she started with works that also featured in CQU Creates.

“The theme of emergence – from childhood, to adolescence and into adulthood is something I like to explore,” she said.

“That sense of personal alienation and secrecy. But it’s also been about refining the process. I’m heavily inspired by comics and graphic novels, hence the bold black lines and I have a strong illustrative technique.”

Teacher Pat Connor said he was pleased to see the progression of the students’ art practice in the exhibition.

“Seeing that progression and seeing where they are at the end of their second year for me, has been great to see,” he said.

“This second-year, creative project unit is really an opportunity for the students to spread their wings and begin developing an emerging practice of their own. As a lecturer, it is a win-win when you see students having fun whilst they are learning. The students should be commended. They worked hard and their results show evidence of that.”