With a song in her heart, Darbi prepares for postgrad study

Published:16 August 2019

TOP: CQUni Alumnus Deborah 'Darbi' Charlesworth with sheet music for the 'Showstoppers' concert. BELOW: A flier for the concert.

CQUni Alumnus Deborah 'Darbi' Charlesworth has a song in her heart and she's keen to share it.

Darbi is among CQUni students, graduates and community members who form the UniSong choir, based at CQUniversity Rockhampton North campus.

UniSong will perform a 'Showstoppers' concert with guest artists and the CQ Strings, from 2 pm on Sunday September 8 at the Walter Reid Cultural Centre Auditorium (Ground Floor corner Derby and East streets).

Throughout her diverse life journey, Darbi's love of music has been a constant source of support.

She grew up in Armidale, which provided plenty of opportunities for violin and vocal lessons as well as choir and orchestra performances.

Darbi then spent most of her teenage years in Papua New Guinea, where her parents were working as missionaries.

"After completing high school in PNG, we moved to dad's home town of Rockhampton and I attended CQUni for undergraduate studies in Psychology," she says.

Darbi moved away for her Honours year but then came back to Rockhampton to work with a youth mental health support organisation. She's now planning a Masters in Clinical Psychology with CQUniversity.

"Music is something I've always been passionate about," she says.

"I really appreciated joining UniSong because the people are really lovely. It was nice to have something to do that I enjoyed so much and that could successfully take my mind off of my studies.

"What's great, too, is that the other members understood when my studies had to take priority. So, there is no pressure. We just have a whole lot of fun and I would encourage other students and members of the community who share our love of music and singing, to join us."