Ag students 'mustered' for networking, fun and intensive learning

Published:10 June 2019

Agriculture students Gabby Parker, Jordan Spargo and Adam Daniels; students warming up and competing in the roping challenge and posing with their peers

TOP: CQUniversity Bachelor of Agriculture students (left to right) Gabby Parker, Jordan Spargo and Adam Daniels. BELOW: Warming up for the roping challenge, competing in the roping challenge and posing with their peers.

CQUniversity's Bachelor of Agriculture teaching team recently mustered students based across the Bundaberg, Emerald and Rockhampton campuses, so they could converge on the Beef Capital.

Students had the opportunity to celebrate the end of term, reinforce some of their educational content and strengthen networks with their peers.

The day culminated with a 'Farm Skills Challenge' involving mock calf roping, knot tying races and other games simulating common property tasks.

Emerald-based first-year Jordan Spargo welcomed the chance to mix with the wider group of Ag students.

"You can see everyone on a video screen but to actually see them in person is completely different," she says.

Jordan said she was still uncertain about the study pathway she would like to choose as a specialisation.

"I have a bit of cropping and livestock in my background so it's hard to choose just one path just now," she says.

Bundaberg-based Gabby Parker said the second-years had the chance to practice media interview skills, which would come in handy if they managed a property one day.

Gabby says she is focused on livestock studies and, in particular, welcomes the opportunity to help produce better genetics and better quality cattle.

Rockhampton-based first-year Adam Daniels said he really enjoyed meeting his peers from other campuses in such a fun environment.

"I'm not from an Ag background so I'm still trying to figure out what winning topic to focus on from next year onwards," Adam says.

The Farm Skills Challenge event was held at the Central Queensland Innovation and Research Precinct (CQIRP) across from CQUniversity Rockhampton North campus.