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TAFE helps Robyn trade study desks for exercise equipment

TAFE helps Robyn trade study desks for exercise equipment

Published:06 March 2018

In only one year, Robyn Kouw completed a CQUni TAFE Fitness course, changed careers and launched her own business as a running coach and personal trainer. Robyn is pictured all smiles after completing a half-marathon in the Melbourne Marathon Festival in October.

When primary school teacher Robyn Kouw took some time off to study a Certificate III in Fitness, it never occurred to her she wouldn’t set foot in a traditional classroom again.

“My new classroom is now the outdoors,” the running coach and personal trainer joked.

“Essentially, I’ve just swapped school desks for exercise equipment and I love it!

“I honestly only planned to have a short break from teaching to study something that – through my own running endeavours – I was interested in.

“Initially, I was aiming to optimise my own training and improve my running technique.”

Robyn said her preferred running distance was a half marathon because it was challenging and fast-paced.

“While I love the satisfaction of a new personal best, some of my favourite events have actually been those in which I’ve supported someone else to achieve their running goals,” she said.

And, after completing her Cert III with CQUni TAFE in Mackay last year, the 55-year-old changed careers, launched her own business, All About the Run Coaching, and enrolled in a Certificate IV in Fitness.

“I could never have predicted the rollercoaster ride of excitement and success that ensued after I finished the first course,” she said.

To add to all this excitement, half way through Robyn’s Cert IV, her husband accepted a new position within his company, which led to the pair relocating 2000-plus kilometres south from Moranbah to Melbourne, Victoria.

“The move has proven to me that personal training really is a business you can take anywhere with you; and, thankfully, I was able to complete my studies online as a distance student.”

Robyn said learning about strength training through these courses had helped her personally and professionally.

“Strength training is a crucial aspect of any serious runner’s regime, and having formal knowledge in this area now helps me to provide a balanced service to my clients,” she said.

“Combined, these courses have equipped me with the ability to deliver personalised programs that will support runners to reach their goals, whilst minimising the risk of injury and increasing their running longevity.

“In my experience, exercise only becomes a habit if it’s enjoyable, so I always try to add lots of fun and laughs into each training session, which is easy because I love what I do.”

For more information on Fitness courses at CQUni, email or phone 4940 3398.