Mock trial becomes tough test for final year students

Published:10 October 2018

Bachelor of Accident Forensics student Lachlan James faces the trials of a mock courtroom as part of his final course assessment this week.

Bachelor of Accident Forensics student Lachlan James was among a group of third-year students who faced the trials of a mock courtroom as part of their final course assessment this week.

Students were required to give evidence on a simulated accident they investigated earlier in the year and were then questioned by ‘lawyers’ on their findings.

Lachlan said the mock trial provided a very practical way of assessing knowledge for the course and was much preferred than a sit-down exam.

Acting as defence counsel, former solicitor and now CQUni Discipline Leader for Safety Sciences Dr Aldo Raineri said the mock trial allowed students to defend their report on the investigation.

He said he didn’t hold back from asking the tough questions as part of his defence lawyer role.

“It’s better students discover the pitfalls of not doing a proper investigation now, rather than when they are in the workforce,” explained Dr Raineri.

The mock trial event was coordinated by Accident Forensics Senior Lecturer Kevin Perry and also starred Lecturer David Skegg as magistrate and Senior Lecturer Bill Dell as prosecutor.

“The feedback from previous year’s students has been pleasing and whilst found it daunting when being cross-examined, they appreciated the opportunity to be best-prepared for future court appearances,” explained Mr Perry.

On the eve of completing the final components of their course, some students have had reason to celebrate early after receiving offers of employment for next year.  

Lachlan received news that he will begin a graduate placement with a mining company in South Australia next year.

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