Iwasaki Foundation Bursary aids Margaret's Nursing studies at CQUni

Published:08 November 2018

CQUni Nursing student Margaret Neill-Ballantine was recently presented with a bursary from Iwasaki Foundation Bursary Chairman Chris Kennard (right) and Foundation Committee Member Bob Pleash (left).

Margaret Neill-Ballantine’s dreams of giving back to her community as a nurse has been given a healthy injection through a generous awarding of an Educational Bursary from the Iwasaki Foundation.

Margaret is the recipient of an Iwasaki Foundation Bursary to the value of up to $10 000 each year of her studies which will assist her financially in obtaining her Bachelor of Nursing studies at CQUni in Rockhampton.

Bursary Chairman Chris Kennard mentioned that the Foundation presently has 13 students who are receiving the benefit of a bursary, which are awarded mainly to Year 12 students, who without the assistance of the Foundation, would not be able to continue with their studies.

Bursary’s first started being awarded by the Foundation in 2012 and since that time some exceptional degrees have been awarded, mainly students of CQUniversity.

“I feel very honoured to have received the bursary. It certainly makes a world of difference to me that the board believe in my ability to succeed and are willing to offer their support in making my dreams become a reality,” Margaret said.

“Having the financial support has certainly helped in easing the financial burden that I was previously experiencing. Instead of worrying about my finances, I have been able to focus on my studies.

Margaret, having previously worked as a personal trainer specialising in pre and post-natal care, believes she was naturally drawn to the nursing profession.

“My passion is to support others to achieve better health to enable them to live happier and fuller lives, women in particular given what their bodies go through in carrying and delivering a children,” she said.

“I chose to study nursing to enable me to deepen my knowledge of the human body so I can make a more significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of my community.”

Since taking up study in Nursing, Margaret has participated in two work placements, gathering valuable experience in aged care, mental health and day surgery. She also often volunteers at the Rockhampton Hospital and Mater Hospital.

Margaret was also inducted into the CQUni Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society and was voted in as its President.

“It is incredible to be a part of an organisation that offers such support and opportunities to students that aspire to reach their full potential which is why I stepped up and accepted the President's role,” she said.

“Not only will this role encourage me to grow and improve my skills in many ways, but also enables me to extend this amazing opportunity to other students attending CQUni.

“I truly believe that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it.

“All it takes is a decision about what you want to achieve and the belief that you can achieve it followed by a commitment to do whatever it takes, then the doors of opportunity start to open wherever you go.”

Bob Pleash Committee Member said applications for Bursary’s close this year on 30th November 2018 and the forms are available from the Foundation web site