Indigenous students take centre stage for launch of Brolga music videos

Published:09 October 2018

An opportunity for Indigenous primary and secondary school students to express their creativity and culture has culminated in the official release of the BROLGA* song music videos at CQUniversity on Thursday (11 October).

The creation of the BROLGA songs was staged by CQUni’s BROLGA Program in association with songwriter, music producer and filmmaker Josh Arnold, from the Small Town Culture Initiative.

During August and September, Indigenous students from Glenmore State High School, North Rockhampton State High School and St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School worked with Mr Arnold to develop the song and learn skills related to writing lyrics, music, dance, and video production.

CQUni Indigenous Connect Officer Malcolm Mann said the song’s theme of the Brolga’s story resonated with the students in regards to their connection to country, their culture and their community.

“The perception of the child is that it shows them their culture is valued and they are valued as individuals and they have the freedom to express it,” Mr Mann said.

He said the creation of the videos also intended to generate the students’ continued interest in CQUniversity as a place of belonging, the BROLGA Program and the CQUni Connect Programs.

“Importantly, we hope they are true to the values of the BROLGA for themselves – which is key to their own success,” he said.

Mr Arnold said through the creation of the song and music video, he saw how proud the children were of their cultures.

“These students were and are so proud of their culture and were extremely enthusiastic about sharing it through song and dance,” Mr Arnold said.

“I got the feeling that once the initial shyness wore off that the students were excited by the opportunity to show off their culture and represent their people.

He said he believed collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous of any kind are a vital part of reconciliation and unity in Australia.

“It was an honour to do this project under the CQUni banner as I believe the University also has a genuine passion and respect for Indigenous culture which is made evident through their connections,” he said.

Watch the behind the scenes documentary.

* BROLGA stands for Believe, Respect, Openness, Learn, Grow, Achieve.