CQUni Cairns forum to address learning difficulties for people with autism, ADHD and dyslexia

Published:15 October 2018

CQUni will host the Inclusive Teaching Design: ASD, ADHD and dyslexia event at the Cairns Campus on 30 October.

Ways to improve the teaching and learning methods of adults and adolescents with dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) will be the focus of a forum at CQUniversity Cairns on October 30.

CQUni School of Access Education Associate Lecturer Christina Maurer-Smolder said the Inclusive Teaching Design: ASD, ADHD and dyslexia event aimed to raise awareness of the learning difficulties people with dyslexia, ASD and ADHD faced in the education sector.

“The objective is to raise awareness about learning difficulties and suggest strategies for teaching and learning – the focus will be on adolescents and adults,” she said.

Teachers, parents, CQUni students and the public are expected to attend the event, which will include a presentation by Autism Queensland Psychologist Tanya Kunzler, who will discuss the characteristics of autism in relation to learning.

“Tanya has more 12 years’ experience as a psychologist and in her various roles, she has gained extensive experience in working with families, adults, youth and children. Early Intervention has always been a special area of interest for her, as well as working with families and children with autism,” Christina said.

“A highlight for me is that we are going to end the session with a panel that includes students who are affected by one of these learning differences,” Christina said.

The event will be held on Tuesday, 30 October at CQUni Cairns Campus, Level 3, Corner Abbott & Shields Streets from 3.30-5.30pm

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