Campus visitor seeks continued support for Children of Nepal

Published:25 January 2018

Ram Paudel, Founding President and Executive Director Children of Nepal

Nepal seems such a peaceful, happy place, with serene mountains and gentle countryside.

However, displacement, poverty, inequity and a caste system creates challenges for children accessing education.

They are often forced into work from a young age and live on the margins of society.

CQUniversity nursing students and staff have a tradition of supporting organisations like Children of Nepal, which strive to give children a positive, nurturing and stimulating environment.

In fact, Children of Nepal works on a holistic level to support the families, schools, teachers and communities that the children rely on. For example, women are nurtured to create free trade handicrafts and families can get loans to start a small business.

The organisation’s latest ‘violence-free schools’ campaign also encourages teachers to find alternatives to corporal punishment, which just serves to reinforce the cycle of violence faced by children.

Ram Paudel, Founding President and Executive Director Children of Nepal, has visited CQUni Sydney campus to promote the organisation, its services and future opportunities for collaboration and support.

Ram said CQUniversity students were welcome visitors to his city of Pokhara, where they provided reproductive health talks to local mothers and young people.

The CQUni students also visit local families to observe their living conditions, and help raise funds to sponsor educational opportunities for local children.

“While in Australia I’m seeking support to continue development of our Fulbari Education Resource Centre in Nepal,” Ram says.

“Once complete, the centre will provide a transit home for girls who are neglected or abused, it will provide training for women, youth, children and teachers, and it will provide a peaceful place far away from daily demotivating surroundings.”

Anyone who would like to donate funds, find out more or offer support can visit .