Basketball research changes the game

Published:09 August 2018

PhD researcher Jordan Fox

Jordan Fox is undertaking revolutionary research which could change the face of sport as we know it. Fox, who is based in Rockhampton, is a previous Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and Bachelor of Science (Honours) student and is currently in her second year of her PhD.

Working as a Casual Academic in Exercise and Sport Science, Ms Fox investigates the interactions between training and competition loads, sleep and in-game performance in basketball, using wearable technologies.

She is collecting workload and sleep measures across an entire season to predict game-related statistics.

Her research is changing the game by allowing coaches and practitioners to more effectively prescribe training and subsequent recovery so that players perform better during games.

“Player monitoring and the use of wearable technologies is widely implemented in other sports, but currently limited in basketball,” she said.

“Therefore, it is hoped that by doing this work, there will be an increase in the implementation of player monitoring in basketball and we can use monitoring to improve performance outcomes for players and teams.”

Ms Fox remains hopeful that her research has some exciting applications for the basketball community, such as better guidelines for prescribing training for coaches and the benefit of improved performance for players themselves.

“Understanding how player monitoring and wearable technologies can be best utilised in basketball further allows training prescription to become more precise.

“This is because player responses can be tracked across the season and modified as necessary to ultimately help players perform better during games.”

Following the completion of her PhD, Ms Fox aims to secure a full-time academic position at a university so she can continue her basketball research and mentor the next generation of Exercise and Sport Science students.