New course provides a step up into the world of research

Published:29 November 2018

CQUniversity's Holly Hosking is fulfilling her research dreams by studying the link between DNA repair and cancer susceptibility.

Working in the field of research can be one of the most rewarding careers.

For CQUniversity’s Dean, School of Graduate Research, Susan Kinnear, becoming a researcher meant she had the chance to discover new ways of understanding things, and was able to use that knowledge to help those around her.

“The world of research offers constant variety; the ability to interact inside and outside of the university; the chance to see your work actually make a difference in your field or in your community,” she explained.

“Research is for proactive, energetic people who like applying themselves to problems and seeing the answers come to light.”

She explains that many of the researchers currently studying at CQUniversity never set out to enter the world of research, but rather simply had a passion for a project and a curious mind.

“The nice thing about research is that you can choose the topic. It’s a way to spend time on something you really enjoy, or that you really want to understand better and solve.

“It can also take you in new directions in your career. Not only can you become a successful researcher, but you can use the skills for analytical and management roles or establishing your own business or consultancy based on the research outcomes.”

CQUniversity has recently launched an exciting new qualification for people looking for a pathway into research higher degree studies, or simply wanting to learn more about the world of research.

The Graduate Certificate in Research (GCR) provides students with the opportunity to acquire advanced research skills which can be applied in a range of disciplinary contexts.

The GCR is a super-flexible qualification which can be studied full time for six months or part time for up to two years at any campus location or online.

The course is aimed at professionals in a range of industry, government and community settings, and the course content is able to be tailored to suit your current employment context and/or areas of research interest.

GCR curriculum developer Dr Leigh Stitz explained, “the qualification was developed following consultation with a range of stakeholders and a key feature is that enrolments are possible at any time of year”.

The coursework will involve access to online course materials and resources, and preparation of a portfolio which is graded for assessment purposes.

“The learning material and assessment items are specifically designed to be engaging and useful in the real world of research,” Dr Stitz explained.

If you’d like to continue on after the course, successful completion of the GCR with a minimum GPA score of 5.5 will provide you with entry into CQUniversity’s Masters by Research, or in some cases, the PhD or other doctoral programs.

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