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Wanda credits CQUni’s Beauty Therapy training for her salon’s success

Wanda credits CQUni’s Beauty Therapy training for her salon’s success

Published:06 September 2017

Gladstone Beautician Wanda Kemp credits her training at CQUni for putting her on the path to success.

Wanda Kemp’s decision to change careers and take up study at CQUniversity has proven that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Wanda said her success as a beautician comes down – in part – to the training she received whilst studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy at the Gladstone City Campus and a change in her work circumstances several years ago.

“I used to work as a financial manager and accountant for a manufacturing company in Gladstone, but when the Wiggins Island construction began, the company decided to move and afterwards I found it difficult to find a similar job in Gladstone,” Wanda said.

“Seeing that I had to get a formal qualification I decided to change direction towards something that I was interested in, so I enrolled in Beauty Therapy in 2014.”

Wanda said the Diploma of Beauty Therapy training fed her existing interest in the industry.

“I found it just comes naturally to me. I find it very fulfilling to now be an expert in therapeutic facial and body care,” she said.

“(My teacher) Kathleen Andrews was very knowledgeable and allowed me to work at my own pace, always allowing me to learn more to reach higher levels. I was able to stay interested in the course and feel more confident in my abilities.”

Since completing her Diploma, Wanda has undertaken further specialist study in cosmetic science and dermal therapies. She now operates Salon Callidora in Gladstone offering everything from laser hair reduction to acne treatment and microdermabrasion.

She encouraged anyone considering a career in beauty to be prepared for a challenge.

“Be ready to work hard, put in more than what is expected and you will pick the fruits of your labour – knowledge doesn’t mean anything if it is not shared,” she said.