How a preparatory program can become a career pivot

Published:03 May 2017

CQUni STEPS student Marcus Groth pictured giving a presentation, chatting with his local Mayor and being interviewed on his local radio station.

Bundaberg's Marcus Groth says he spent years trying to find his place in the world until finding the right path in life, with help from CQUniversity's STEPS foundation program.

Fresh out of school, Marcus first tried the Army and then a succession of jobs in Brisbane ranging from retail and sales to construction and industrial projects.

"I have worked in conference centres, for Coles, EB Games, Home Hardware, as a forklift operator, constructing and building Silo Tanks and more," he says.

"I was on top of the world in terms of what I had but everything took a turn for the worse. I have spent the last two to three years rebuilding and working so I could be in a position where I could start my studies in the field of Law that has been a dream of mine for a very long time.

"I feel I am finally in the right place in life and intend to invest everything in building myself success for the future."

STEPS stands for Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies and, only a few months into the program, Marcus is already making the most of the opportunities presented to him, while creating even more.

He has become the STEPS rep on CQUniversity's Student Representative Council, representing foundation students located throughout Australia, while also helping to lead social activities on his own campus and devising a debate team concept designed to draw together students from different disciplines and campuses.

"Students tend to flock together within their schools and campuses. My debate team concept has had success in Bundaberg and is already under consideration for Noosa," he says.

Marcus has also been involved with a Coles networking initiative aimed at business students; taking the chance to meet community leaders and managers, give a speech and do radio and TV interviews.

He's in the process of joining the Bundaberg Chamber of Commerce as a CQUni student representative and is seeking out public speaking opportunities with an eye towards involvement in politics down the track.

Meanwhile, Marcus is also studying a Certificate IV in Leadership & Management through TAFE.

"I am not your average young Australian male," he says.

"I love history, theology, philosophy, and learning the truth in all things. I consider myself to be a Christian. I love to meditate and keep in tune with the spiritual aspect of reality. I also love to read.

"I feel a strong mind is just as important as a strong body, so I strive for both. I don’t idolise current celebrities but rather great leaders, like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar

"I intend to be one of the best in the field of law, so I may be a shield to those in need and a sword to those who deserve. I also intend to engage in the political arena as one of my goals in life is to bring a great positive change to society."

Marc says he was drawn to the STEPS program to establish a support network for his study goals.

"From my experience thus far, there are a few key things I feel that the STEPS program has to offer for everyone. I was originally enrolled as a distance student, however, I attended the orientation day and was blown away. I knew then that I needed to enrol internally.

"The support network and the feeling that I was becoming something better than I previously was, is what drew me into the STEPS program.

"I feel everyone has a certain pre-conceived perception on what university is like, but, it is only when you arrive on campus and experience the positive energy and atmosphere of the campus, that you realise you have made the right decision.

"The STEPS program is also designed to set you up for success, not only in your academic future, but your career ahead. The building blocks the course offers, from referencing, to constructing an essay, means you will be given the tools to build the strongest possible foundation when entering your degree.

"The time you spend doing STEPS, can yield far more than just academic marks and a solid foundation. The friends you gain, the networking opportunities that are given to you, and the support networks you build throughout your time in STEPS, is why I feel it gives you a great advantage."

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