New education partnership to give green light to stop sexual abuse

Published:17 October 2017

Anthony Marinac, CQUniversity Lecturer Business and Law; Dr Claire Moran True, TLF Course Coordinator; Alice Evans CEO True; Bev Broughton True General Manager – Education and Community Services; and Deb Friel, Manager, CQUniversity’s Centre for Professional Development at this week’s launch of the Traffic Lights® courses.

CQUniversity has this week launched a new partnership with relationships education provider True Relationships and Reproductive Health (True) to provide a suite of innovative courses in healthy sexual  development.

The suite of courses known as Traffic Lights® educates participants in the appropriate identification and response to a broad range of sexual behaviours in children and young people, ranging from normal and age-appropriate, to those that are problematic and signal the need for follow up and support.

There are five courses and a workshop in the suite, offering professionals working with or caring for children the opportunity to undertake further learning in this important field of study.

According to CQUniversity’s Director of Centre for Professional Development, Deb Friel, at the core of the courses, is the traffic lights symbol – Green, Orange and Red.

“Throughout the courses, students learn to apply the traffic lights representation to the sexual behaviours of children and young people, to ascertain whether the behaviour is of concern, what the behaviour is communicating, and to understand how to respond appropriately to the behaviour, ensuring the safety of the child.”

“The courses have been developed with two core objectives. Firstly, to provide education about healthy sexuality and healthy sexual development, and to protect young people from harm and abuse.”

CEO of True, Alice Evans said they were delighted to partner with CQUniversity because of the University’s innovative approach to professional development and their broad reach, both nationally and internationally.

“The suite of courses will foster a greater understanding of child safety and healthy development, ultimately enabling more respectful relationships and protecting young people from harm.

“True has been instrumental in reproductive and sexual health and respectful relationships education for over 40 years.

“We are all about bringing the latest research and practices to fruition.”

The Traffic Lights courses focus on age ranges – 0 to 17 years, 0 to 9 years, 10 to 17 years – and offer a rich combination of different styles of learning and flexible options enabling multiple entry pathways.

Member for Keppel, Brittany Lauga commended both CQUniversity and True on their collaboration and the launch of Traffic Lights to the CQUniversity community.

“Given today’s contemporary issues, these courses are relevant to teachers, nurses, health workers, counsellors and anyone working with children and the young.

“The University has done an outstanding job in reaching out to first-responders in child and youth safety, education and health, filling a growing gap in our society.”

She said the State Government continued to work with universities and authorities to identify and protect vulnerable children and youth. “I believe this new range of courses will provide a significant adjunct to our Government’s policies.”

To celebrate the CQUniversity and TRUE partnership, the organisations are offering five initial scholarships to commence studies: two for the full 0-17 years course, one for the 0 to 9 years course, one for the 10 – 17 years course and one for the short Cyber-safety course.

To find out more about the suite of Traffic Lights® courses and scholarships, contact CQUniversity’s Centre for Professional Development