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Deckhand Toby excels at ‘SEE'

Deckhand Toby excels at ‘SEE'

Published:17 March 2017

Deckhand Toby Otto is enjoying his SEE studies with CQUni Mackay.

Toby Otto was home-schooled all his life.

While he enjoys his job as a deckhand at Mackay Harbour, when he turned 20 Toby decided he wanted to rock the boat of life – so he enrolled in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program at CQUni.

“There were lots of benefits involved in being home-schooled,” Toby recounted.

“I’m really close with my family and I think having the opportunity to learn in my home environment has made me a really relaxed person.

“But I’ve decided I want to better myself personally and professionally with my reading and writing, and I’m looking forward to gaining further skills and confidence to be able to talk about things more openly.

“I figure if I can handle and enjoy being out on the boat in 30- knot winds, I can definitely handle studying at a desk.”

Toby described being at university as “a whole other world”.

“It’s a nice feeling to have teachers praise and encourage me and be proud of the work I’m doing,” he said.

Toby, who is now in his second year of the program, spends 10 hours a week at Mackay Campus under the tuition of CQUni Teacher Alan Ringuet.

He’s currently studying Comprehending and Composing Job-seeking Texts; and Whole Numbers, Simple Fractions, Decimals and Percentages for Work.

According to Mr Ringuet, Toby’s “progressing extremely well”.

There are currently 10 SEE students based at CQUni Mackay.

Mr Ringuet said the SEE program was suitable for anyone aged 15-64 keen to improve their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

“If you want to return to the workforce, learn skills for a new job, study something new, or return to school, SEE can help you gain the confidence to achieve your goals,” he said.

CQUni delivers SEE on behalf of TAFE Queensland in Mackay and Gladstone, and the program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

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