Co-originator of permaculture concept honoured at launch of graduate diploma

Published:31 January 2017

Co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren.

CQUniversity will award an Honorary Doctorate to the co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren, during the launch of the Graduate Diploma in Permaculture Design.

The April event will echo the launch of the Graduate Certificate program (by South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill) which took place early last year and included the award of an Honorary Doctorate from CQUniversity to the late permaculture co-originator Bill Mollison, accepted on his behalf by Geoff Lawton.

Scheduled for The Joinery in Adelaide, from 5pm on 19 April, the event will also introduce a new book by Mr Holmgren titled RetroSuburbia, which will be the subject of his illustrated address.

Published by Melliodora, RetroSuburbia highlights the ongoing and incremental changes to our residential landscapes to make them 'fit for purpose' before the world slides into energy descent.

The new book highlights the ongoing and incremental changes we can make to our local landscapes.

Mr Holmgren says "the incremental and ongoing retrofit of the built, biological and behavioural domains of the household is recognised by many as the best bet to weather the storms of uncertain times and contribute to a better future for the next generations".

The April event in Adelaide will enable a showcase of the first year of the Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design. It will feature presentation of 'capstone projects' which have enabled the Graduate Certificate students to apply what they have learned to a specific idea.

Projects to be presented by the CQUniversity students range from conventional permaculture designs for food production through to the application of permaculture ethics and principles to projects in existing disciplines like the ‘perma-psychology’ project, and permaculture education projects.

The projects also include development of proposals for new start-up businesses like ‘Companion Planting’ (a sustainable/regenerative pet memorial service involving pet burial via container gardening) and The Food Print Experience (a food van that sells delicious permaculture food while also providing educational permaculture workshops).

Applications for Permaculture courses are now open and close on 20 February. You can visit this link to apply.