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Change Champs challenge students, staff to "Think About It"

Change Champs challenge students, staff to "Think About It"

Published:09 November 2017

CQUni Change Champs Kathryn Yost and Caitlin Petersen.

CQUni's Change Champs are challenging students and staff to change the world through their everyday habits, with the #thinkaboutit campaign.

The online initiative was launched at the Aspire Student Leadership Conference in Mackay, and will run from November to February with a different theme each month.

Appointed as a social innovation ambassador in August, Change Champ Kat Yost is driving the #thinkaboutit campaign, and said people appreciate the chance to discover a more sustainable lifestyle.

"Think About It is a fun way to think differently about social issues, and how we can all make a positive impact," Kat explained.

"By running the campaign on social media, it gives everyone a chance to participate and encourage each other by sharing their contributions - and we're ready to celebrate all the ways that our students and staff are making a difference!"

Kat said contributing to the campaign could be as simple as changing a regular purchase to a fairtrade option, or remembering a non-disposable cup for your takeaway coffee.

The campaign topics include conscious consumerism, social isolation, health and wellbeing, and conscious consumption.

As part of this month's conscious consumerism activity, the Change Champs will host stalls selling products from the Nepalese social enterprise Seven Women, when CQUni hosts Seven Women founder Stephanie Woollard for a public screening of the documentary Bringing the Light: The Seven Women story.

The event, at Rockhampton North campus on Tuesday 28 November, will also be streamed via video to CQUni Gladstone, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, with all campuses featuring fairtrade craft stalls.

"Thinking twice about how we spend our money, and the impacts that it can have globally, really opens your eyes to more sustainable options  - especially in the lead-up to the festive season!" Kat said.

The #thinkaboutit challenges are being posted on the CQUniStudents Facebook page, and the CQUni Instagram account.

Participants are invited to follow the posts, and share images and stories of how they've changed their habits, and helped change the world.

Just use the hashtags #thinkaboutit and #CQUni, or just email your photos and stories to to have them included in the end-of-month wrap video.

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