Acting alum adds writer to achievements

Published:20 October 2017

CQUni alumnus Sean Perez

He’s an actor, singer, dancer, talent agent, personal trainer and CQUni alumnus.

Sean Perez wears a number of hats but the one he’s best known for is playing drag.

“A number of my professional credits have been in drag due to my time in I Will Survive,” Mr Perez said.
“Never in my life would I have thought I'd do drag, but it's become part of my brand.”

Born and based in Sydney, Mr Perez is a Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQCM) Bachelor of Arts Music (Music Theatre) graduate who will soon add writer, director and producer to his list of achievements.

“I’ve just written, directed, produced and starred in a web series that is launching soon,” Mr Perez said.

Set to launch on YouTube and Facebook initially, Mr Perez said the series, titled Busy as Usual: The Web Series will then be submitted to web festivals across the world such as the Melbourne Web Festival, Vancouver Web Festival, the Indie Series Awards and The Raindance Web Festival to name a few.

Mr Perez said the series would follow the journey of a talent agent.

“As actors, we are constantly told to create our own work, to cast ourselves, to show producers and casting directors who and what we can play,” Mr Perez said.

“I've always had the urge to write something however the fear of not knowing how to write or a lack of template to follow always scared me from doing so. One day, I was watching a web series about an actor going through all of these auditions and it was in its second series and I thought to myself ‘I could do something like this’ but about my work as an agent,” he explained.

“So I had a quiet moment in the office at the agency (which is rare) and I wrote the first episode in 10 minutes. It literally wrote itself. I couldn't stop! By the time I knew it, in two months I had written 10 episodes of a web series showing what it's like to be a talent agent.”

Mr Perez said Busy as Usual: The Web Series featured 11 cast members including two former CQCM graduates, one of whom Mr Perez also represents as a talent agent.

“Matt Laird has a great work ethic and when I was writing the script for his episode, I had him in mind the whole time due to a scene he had put down on tape previously which showed his versatility,” Mr Perez said.

“Lauren Hamilton Neill was cast due to her amazing acting ability. The role she has been cast in is a difficult one due to the nature of her character but also the situation she finds herself in and thus the role calls for an experienced and strong actor with amazing comedic ability.”

Mr Perez, who plays the lead role of talent agent in the series, said his aim was to produce short, consumable, entertaining content for viewers.

“My aim with the web series was also to educate those in our industry and those not in our industry about what it's like to have a client-agent relationship and how it all works - it's not all glam on the road to Hollywood as you'll find out.”

Busy as Usual: The Web Series is set to be released on Thursday 9 November.