BBC News features use of CQUni's MASK-ED system in England

Published:27 January 2015

BBC News has posted this image courtesy of the University of Surrey, showing Mask-Ed being used in England.

Thanks to CQUniversity's developments in life-like character masks and silicone body parts, health educators can now 'mask' themselves for realistic role-play and patient scenarios, enhancing student learning.

BBC News has now featured the use of CQUniversity's MASK-ED system in England, profiling its use at the University of Surrey.

"Nursing tutors at the University of Surrey are planning to make themselves unrecognisable in a bid to boost students' skills," the BBC says.

Surrey tutors piloted the technique last year and hope to start using it from March to train up to 500 students on nursing degrees, paramedic degrees and training diplomas for operating theatre staff.

Professor Kerry Reid-Searl developed MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) while teaching undergraduate nursing students at CQUniversity Rockhampton, Queensland. The MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) educational approach has applications in many fields besides nursing, and in many contexts in addition to tertiary education.

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