Another major award for CQUni's 'masked educator'

Published:19 September 2013

Professor Kerry Reid-Searl with Phil Swadling, Deputy Chairman of Simulation Australia

Congratulations to CQUniversity's 'masked educator' Professor Kerry Reid-Searl who has won the Australian Simulation Achievement Award, presented by Simulation Australia.

The award recognises Kerry for 'a significant contribution to the development of modelling and simulation science, technology, policy, standards and/or industry in Australia'. It was presented during the Simulation Australia Annual Awards Dinner on Wednesday, September 18.

Kerry's innovative MASK-ED package features life-like masks, torsos, hands, feet and other body parts to enable health educators to take on the guise of a range of patients.

"The award is a significant achievement not only for me personally, but for all individuals who have been involved in developing and supporting MASK-ED (KRS Simulation) over many years," Kerry says.

"I believe that this award recognises the innovation and creativity that CQUniversity embraces.  This award is highly prestigious in the simulation space and is competitive across all disciplines.

"I am honoured and proud. Importantly the award does not belong only to me - it belongs to the entire MASK-ED family and those individuals who embrace it. This award also recognises that MASK-ED has made a significant contribution to simulation in Australia.

"Most importantly it is the undergraduate nursing students of CQUniversity who need also to be recognised. It is these individuals who continue to inspire the work around this technique."