Luke switches focus from a life of savings to saving lives

Published:28 September 2015

Luke McCabe at the Paramedic Science residential school at CQUni Cairns.

Former finance and insurance industry employee Luke McCabe is now focused on helping to save lives.

The Toowoomba resident was among 35 Paramedic Science students who recently attended the first major residential school hosted at the new CQUniversity Cairns campus.

"After many years of having to put the dollar first I wanted to do something that helped people," Luke says.

"I began work with Queensland Ambulance Service as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher in the Toowoomba operation centre, answering 000 calls and dispatching ambulances across South-West Queensland.

"This gave me a better understanding of what paramedics do and the work they encounter.

"As I am not one to sit behind a desk all day and due to my inquisitive nature I found myself wanting to know more about what happened on scene at cases or what treatment was given.

"The only option was studying the degree to get on road and as I have a full-time job I needed to study externally.

"CQUni was the only university to offer external study and this helps me work around my work life and personal life with a young family.

"The course is designed well and the opportunity to self-manage my study is great.

"The residential school has been amazing and allows hands-on time to perfect skills and processes."

Luke says he hopes to make a difference in people’s lives and to make those times when an ambulance is required, some of the toughest days they will face, as easy and as stress free as possible.

"I hope to one day achieve a position on the Careflight helicopter as a flight paramedic assisting people from all locations and walks of life. I am also in it for the excitement and the unknown factor of what will happen day to day."