From Estonia to Cairns where the SUN program shines for Kerli

Published:06 August 2015

Year 12 Redlynch State College student Kerli Metsoja has completed a Foundations of Paramedic Science program through CQUniversity, thanks to the SUN (Start Uni Now) initiative.

Having been born in Estonia and also living in Ireland as a child, Kerli Metsoja is now completing Year 12 at Redlynch State College in Cairns.

The school has recently heralded her success in completing a Foundations of Paramedic Science program through CQUniversity, while maintaining a full load of school subjects.

Thanks to support from the SUN (Start Uni Now) initiative, Kerli has obtained a Distinction, which could pave the way for her to progress into the Paramedic Science degree after completion of Year 12.

Her mother Kairi, who works at Redlynch State College, says Kerli is also considering a career in Defence.

"Kerli has managed to juggle her school and SUN studies while being active with mountain biking as a sport," Kairi says.

"The SUN program gives kids a taste of online learning and fast tracks their ability to manage time effectively." 

Kerli's success has prompted a number of her friends to consider the SUN program, which is available to Year 11 and 12 students.

Details about SUN are available online at

The SUN program enables students in Years 11 and 12 to study CQUniversity courses while still in school. They can enrol in a wide range of courses, either on-campus or by distance education, and combine them alongside their regular high school subjects.

Completing SUN courses can help students apply for direct entry into an undergraduate degree at CQUniversity. SUN courses also count as credit towards a degree. Each SUN course can be credited toward the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

SUN courses are also offered at a reduced price (less than a third of what a regular university student pays).