Better energy-efficient technology thanks to new book on 'Thermo-fluids Modelling'

Published:07 October 2015

Prof Masud Khan and Dr Nur Hassan edited a book titled 'Thermo-fluids Modelling for Energy Efficiency Applications'.

CQUniversity academics Professor Masud Khan and Dr Nur Hassan have edited a new book on Thermo-fluids Modelling for Energy Efficiency Applications.

This new book released by Academic Press, Elsevier Publishing, provides a collection of the most recent, cutting-edge developments in the application of fluid mechanics modelling to energy systems and energy efficient technology.

The book introduces research works undertaken by experts and their findings on how fluid flow and thermal behaviour are applied in sustainable engineering practice and energy-efficient technology.

Prof Khan says the book features 'hot topics' in energy and sustainability engineering such as passive air cooling, energy efficiency in building, and application of nanofluids in heat exchangers.

The content of the book has been carefully selected and written by experts and they include relevant technical and social issues which will help the reader to develop an instinctive understanding of the underlying mathematics and numerical methods used by engineers and scientists.

Each chapter introduces the relevant theory alongside a detailed, real-life case study.