Hands-free delivery and other COVID-19 safety measures that may not be all they seem

Published:24 March 2020

CQUniversity Public Health academic Dr Lisa Bricknell

We might feel safer as we bunker down in our homes but there are still a few COVID-19 dangers to be aware of.

That’s according to CQUniversity Public Health academic Dr Lisa Bricknell, who has produced some tips for the next six months.

· Home-delivered food services may trumpet hands-free delivery but you will still need to wash your hands after handling the packaging;

· You may have stayed 1.5 metres away from other shoppers but it’s still handy to have a bottle of sanitiser for use in your car on the way home as you may have touched surfaces in the shop;

· You may have sung Happy Birthday to ensure a good long handwash but unless your hands are fully dry they are more likely to pick up germs afterwards … damp hands are dangerous hands;

· Assume that door handles are dirty … is it possible to open them with your elbows instead?

“Don't relax because of the shutdown - we aren't home free just yet and there are still ways we can avoid bringing COVID-19 back to our homes and family,” Dr Bricknell says.

"We also need to counter crazy rumours on the internet ... sunbathing won’t protect you from the virus, drinking cold water won’t protect you by washing the virus out of your throat, and the virus doesn’t die at 27 degrees Celsius either (otherwise how would it survive at human body temperatures of 37degrees?)."