Creative minds to inspire and entertain at upcoming Cairns Festival

Published:22 August 2019

CQUniversity Bachelor of Creative Arts student Jade Schuck is set to perform as part of The Voice of The River: Suburban Satellites showcase and Art Attack (festival edition) event, at the upcoming Cairns Festival.

Inspire, fascinate and entertain – this is what CQUniversity Bachelor of Creative Arts students have set out to do while performing as part of the upcoming Cairns Festival from 23 August to 1 September.

Dubbed regional Queensland’s most significant and fastest-growing community event, this is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

On 26 August, as part of The Voice of The River: Suburban Satellites showcase, students will team up with Tyrone Noonan, an Australian musician best known for his vocals, instrumental talent and songwriting in the Brisbane-based band, George, to present an all-original musical masterpiece.

Participating students Jade Schuck, Joel Godfrey, Bellani Smith, Clara Satzke and Rachael Davis have been working alongside CQUniversity Associate Lecturers Karen Krone, Jan Cattoni, Michael Price and Patty Preece, as well as Cairns Voice Studio Owner and Director Keesha McLean and Director of the Sounds of AustraNesia Choir Rubina Kimiia, in preparation for the showcase.

CQUniversity Creative Arts Technician, Associate Lecturer Patty Preece said the showcase would include song, storytelling, spoken word, and dance, all inspired by the Redlynch area.

“The showcase, which will be held on The Rocks Road, Redlynch from 7 pm to 9 pm, explores the many waterways that have observed the shifting of time to make Redlynch what it is today,” Ms Preece said.

“Leading up to the event, student creatives, Joel Godfrey and Jade Schuck were tasked to write nine original songs together. Although this was a huge ask, both students made the most of this wonderful opportunity and produced work far beyond my expectations.

“Pair this with the awe-inspiring musical work of Tyrone Noonan, and you have a brilliant foundation for a showcase that will inspire, fascinate and entertain Cairns locals.”

Student creative Jade Schuck explained that the writing process was at first a little daunting.

“In the beginning, the songwriting process was difficult and a little daunting, however, once inspiration struck, it was hard to get us to stop writing. The songs just flowed, and we became the voice of the river,” she said.

“In the end, we had nine complete songs, which were written from scratch, that we were super proud of. Each song represents the voice of the river and the Redlynch community and culture.

“I am extremely excited to be performing with everyone, including Tyrone Noonan, for the showcase. I have just had the pleasure of meeting Ty and he is an awesome and very talented musician, who is ready to challenge us to do the best we can as artists.

“The showcase has presented many great opportunities for participating CQUni students, and I believe the experience, as well as the performance, will be a memorable moment for us all.”

In addition, students will also participate in a CQU festival edition of Art Attack on 29 August from 5 pm to 7 pm on Shields Street, Cairns.

This free event, which forms part of Cairns Festival, will showcase local young, emerging talent as they take their audience on a journey through musical genres of original music.

Ms Schuck said she would perform a mix of original and cover songs, as part of the festival edition, alongside her fellow students.

“For this event, I will be performing a few of my favourite original songs which include Waiting, Heard it all, The Windmill and Addicted to Negativity,” she said.

“The student-led Art Attack initiative began just over a year ago now and we have been organising events every one or two months.

“I believe we have set up approximately ten Art Attack shows since it was established, and I among others have attended and performed at every Art Attack event.

“This particular upcoming event is different in that it’s the first time the initiative has formed part of the Cairns Festival. We cannot wait to get out there to perform and show off our local talent.”

These events are made possible thanks to a collaboration between CQUniversity Creative Arts, Cairns Regional Council (Suburban Satellites Plus Program), and Cairns Voice Studio.

Download the Cairns Festival program to keep track of upcoming events.