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CQUni Chiro students ‘back’ international learning opportunity

CQUni Chiro students ‘back’ international learning opportunity

Published:26 February 2018

TOP: Masters of Clinical Chiropractic students Lauren Hunter and Fraser McClymont will take a contingent of CQUni Mackay students with them to the WCCS forum in South Africa in July. The pair is pictured with last year’s forum guest speaker Dr Richard Brown in California. BELOW: CQUni Mackay Chiropractic centre supervisor Dr Eileen Lai is ‘exceedingly proud’ that six of her students, including Fraser McClymont (pictured), will represent CQUni at the WCCS conference.

In 2017, Lauren Hunter and Fraser McClymont spent two weeks in San Francisco, California, at the World Congress of Chiropractic Students (WCCS) forum; and this year they’ve inspired some of their fellow Chiropractic students to accompany them to the July event in Johannasburg, South Africa.

The 2018 conference contingent comprises Lauren and Fraser, along with April Kimber, Henry Jackson, Lauren Ashley and Connor Stuart, all of CQUni Mackay.

For Lauren, valuable take-home messages from last year’s conference (San Francisco) included words of wisdom from guest speakers Dr Heidi Haavik and Dr Richard Brown.

“Dr Haavik, a leading Chiropractic researcher, stressed we should never be satisfied with a mediocre outcome; she encouraged us to always aim higher and allow ourselves to explore the seemingly impossible,” Lauren recalled.

“Dr Brown (the Secretary General of the International Federation of Chiropractic) echoed this sentiment, stating ‘Leaders are made not born; if you want to become one you need to constantly challenge yourself’.”

“This experience was inspiring and invaluable, and it will be our very great honour to be able to represent CQUni internationally once again at this year’s event.”

CQUni Mackay student chiropractic centre supervisor Dr Eileen Lai said she was ‘exceedingly proud’ of her students’ enthusiasm.

“As the University’s new clinic supervisor, my goal is to instill a passion for lifelong learning in all of my students,” Dr Lai said.

“These annual gatherings are designed to advance and unite the global chiropractic profession through inspiration, integrity and leadership.

“They’re also a fantastic platform for our aspiring student chiropractors to network with professionals from around the world, which further enhances our university’s reputation.”

Next year’s WCCS conference will be held in Brisbane.

CQUni Head of Chiropractic, Associate Professor Barry Draper, said the 2019 conference was tipped to attract about 120 visitors from across 30 WCCS chapters worldwide.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our CQUni Chiropractic students; the 2019 conference will provide an incredible world-standard learning opportunity, and could potentially also allow us to showcase our university’s Chiropractic facilities to an international audience.”

CQUni Chiropractic students interested in joining the WCCS prior to this event are encouraged to email: Lauren Hunter on (Mackay), Lauren Dela Cruz on (Brisbane), and Ben Taylor on (Sydney).