Skye helps coast council gear up for storm season

Published:30 November 2017

CQUni student Skye Michaels has recently completed a work placement with Livingstone Shire Council, where her projects included a new 'Who's Who in the Disaster Crew' information booklet.

CQUniversity student Skye Michaels has helped Livingstone Shire Council gear up for the storm season by working on a new Who’s Who in the Disaster Crew information booklet and associated education campaign.

Having almost completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Bachelor of Professional Communication, she took on a work placement focused on communications between Livingstone's disaster management group and community stakeholders.

"Our goal was to facilitate a marketing and communications campaign to educate and engage the community prior to the storm season," Skye says.

"I chose to do a work placement to deliver a Communications Project as one of my capstone subjects and was grateful to be accepted at Livingstone Shire Council under the supervision of Lincoln Bertoli (a former Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Livingstone Shire and now an Associate Lecturer in Professional Communication at CQUni)."

Skye says her project involved targeting audiences from diverse geographical, demographic and socio-economic backgrounds.

To achieve maximum impact, the campaign was created with a three-pronged approach: a small booklet, a print advertising campaign, and filmed interviews with emergency service personnel and other community members to feature on Livingstone's YouTube Channel and social media.

"This campaign required considerable research to not only develop the content for the booklet but also to determine the key messages gained from the interviews that are most effective in creating community disaster resilience," Skye says.

"Engaging with stakeholders and interviewing people from diverse backgrounds required effective communication of desired outcomes and the ability to encourage open dialogue.

"This subject was by far my favourite in the degree, as it was an opportunity to gain practical experience and seeing the campaign being delivered across those mediums now is really exciting.

"My lecturer Lyn Costigan was very supportive throughout my project and I was always comfortable picking up the phone and chatting to her about my progress and the course in general."

Skye's project gave her valuable experience of interviewing, photography, video production, writing, and use of design software.